What is the purpose of the SWIR camera?

According to the wavelength characteristics, infrared can penetrate certain materials to achieve the effect of observing the inner layer. For example: fruit detection, liquid detection, solar cell detection, semiconductor detection, optical communication detection and so on. In the field of infrared, JED has many years of experience and can assist with the combination of optical equipment (e.g. camera, lens, light source configuration), welcome to inquire.

Does the infrared camera have to be paired with an infrared lens?

When using an infrared camera, it is recommended to match the infrared lens of the corresponding band for optimal imaging results.

I have an existing optical instrument, can I upgrade to an infrared device?

Infrared equipment is divided into many different bands, if your company has the need to upgrade infrared equipment, welcome to call Terex, we will be in accordance with your existing equipment and application needs to assist your company upgrade equipment.

Why is the infrared camera shot black and white? Is the UV camera black and white?

The visible-light camera receives a spectrum of 400nm-700 (seven colors) in the visible-light band and presents a variety of colors and brightnesses according to the energy intensity of each spectrum received (e.g. ….).
Different from this, infrared, ultraviolet camera principle is to receive invisible light, and according to the received light energy strength and weakness into black and white digital images.
Therefore, in the infrared camera, the photo presents the intensity combination of infrared light (regardless of wavelength), the stronger the infrared light received, the whiter the photo looks, and the weaker the infrared light intensity received, the blacker the photo.
Similarly, in the UV camera, the photo presents a combination of ultraviolet light (regardless of wavelength), the stronger the degree of ultraviolet light received, the whiter the photo looks, if the UV intensity received is weaker, the blacker the photo.
Therefore, it is especially important to choose the correct and appropriate band of cameras for selection of infrared or UV cameras.
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Why is the price of infrared equipment much higher than the unit price of a typical camera?

Infrared equipment for high-precision industrial equipment, ordinary glass can not penetrate infrared, so all can be infrared penetration of equipment (cameras, lenses, filters, etc.) require special materials and technology.

Is the infrared camera a controlled product?

Yes, because the position can be used for military purposes, including high-speed, infrared, thermal products are controlled products, need to apply in advance.

How do I choose a thermal imaging camera?

Need to know the size of the items to be tested, the expected temperature range, temperature accuracy after evaluation, welcome to call Terred, let us help find the most suitable for your thermal imaging camera.