Infrared Thermal Imager Stationary


The FLIR A615 is an easy-to-control, affordable, and compact thermal imaging camera for condition monitoring, process control/quality assurance, and fire prevention.

This camera can be fully controlled by a PC, and is Plug and Play with third-party machine vision software such as National Instruments, Cognex, Matrox, MVtec, and Stemmer Imaging.

Object Temperature Range: -20 to +150°C +100 to +650°C +300 to +2000°C
Accuracy: ±2°C or ±2% of reading
IR Resolution:640 × 480 pixels
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD: < 0.05°C @ +30°C (86°F) / 50 mK
Camera size excl lens (L x W x H): 203 × 73 × 75 mm (8.0 × 2.9 × 3.0 in.)